Why is Roof Safety Important anyway?

Working on roofs is a high-risk activity because it involves working at height. Roofers make up nearly a quarter of all workers killed in falls from height at work. Falls through fragile materials, such as roof lights and asbestos cement roofing sheets, account for more of these deaths than any other single cause. Not all those who are killed while working on roofs are trained roofers: many people accessing roofs are maintenance workers. There are also many serious injuries, often resulting in permanent disabilities.

So how can we protect our contractors and employees? Well there’s a host of fantastic solutions to fit all applications. Line systems & Guardrail offer unparalleled levels of protection from the risk of falling from the roof. PVC & Aluminium walkways, with or without handrails, offer a safe route of access across or over fragile roofs. Fall Protection Panels offer support for Skylights. A Demarcation  System is also a simple, cost effective & highly visible method of identifying a boundary on a flat roof.

As daunting as Roof Safety can be, you really don’t need to know the answers yourself. There’s always help at hand to identify the need and offer the solution, and the great news….it doesn’t need to cost the earth. Take the first step in total roof safety and call the SURPRO  team on 01204 399343 for further information.