Pro Rail Top Fixed Guardrail

PRO-Rail Top fixed G-rail has been designed mainly to cater for metal deck roofs where the option for Freestanding G-rail isn’t suitable.

The most popular roof types are Standing Seam and Trapezoidal, but we can adapt to suit concrete fixed, timber or even front / side fixed.

Like all of our products, our PRO-Rail Guardrail systems are versatile and can accommodate most of our client’s requirements.

Various options are available;

  • Standard finish – Galvanised
  • Aluminium option is available
  • Powder coated finish is available
  • In-house design to accommodate all roof types with made to order base plates.
  • Front fixed or side fixed options available.

This system can be used for various applications not just roof tops, such as;

  • Ramps
  • Car parks
  • Commercial handrailing
  • Loading Bays

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