Pro Rail Freestanding Guardrail

PRO-Rail has its very own unique design which makes the system aesthetically pleasing like no other on the market.

PRO-Rail system provides a permanent edge protection without the need to mechanically fix though the roofing membrane or roof structure, and provides full protection where regular access for maintenance and inspections are required.

The strength, stability and safety of PRO-Rail is derived from our designed cantilever principal, hence there is no need to drill and puncture the roof membrane. This avoids noise disturbance during installation and potential penetrative water damaged.

The system consists of galvanized pre-assembled uprights, 2.5mt rails and our slide on weight. The 2.5mt hand and knee rails are connected with the PRO-Rail Eazy clamp upright, which is fast, straightforward and easily adjustable to provide that perfect level finish. With no requirement for drilling, the system is easily mounted on the platform supplied.

The system has been specifically designed to fit all shapes and sizes of flat roofs, even circular designs. The system can also cope with level changes, roof falls and difficult designs, such as ductwork passing over the roof edge and cable trays/plant mounted at the roof edge.

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