Safe Tread Aluminium Walkways

SAFE-tread walkway systems are designed to provide clear and safe designated walkway routes to roof tops, mainly metal deck roofs.

Trapezoidal and standing seam roofs are the most popular, along with offering a safe route, SAFE-Tread walkway systems will prevent wear and tear to the roof sheets and damage from foot traffic if no walkway systems are in place.

Our standard walkway panels can be fixed laid to falls up to 5 degree slope.

Greater than 5 degree slope, we introduce levelling brackets to keep the walkway level and flat.

Roof slopes greater than 18 degrees, SAFE-tread stepped walkway is the correct option.

SAFE-Tread walkway works in hand with Horizontal lines systems or we can offer handrails to one side or both sides.

• Standard width – 600mm wide
• Standard Panel size 2.4m long x 600mm wide
• All walkway panels manufactured in Aluminium
• Extruded planks – non slip
• Light weight, robust and durable
• Easy and quick to install
• Compliant to BS EN 516:2006

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