TF Jacksons

With 2D Drawings existing for this project we were tasked in creating a 3D CAD Model within Solidworks, including all windows, doors, wall structure, internal fittings and lighting.

The configurations of each unit were created then combined together, ensuring the layout matched the original 2D Drawing. Additionally fabrication staircases were also 3D Modelled in Solidworks for access. Branding files were used and applied to the side of each unit along with relevant materials and finishes, Keyshot was used to create numerous images.

Image views provided included various Isometrics, Top View, Side View, Exploded Views and Internal Views of specific fittings. This process brings products to life, especially with branding applied.Should you have a product and that requires Rendered Images send us an email or call today for a quotation for our services. The specific services used on this project were:

Rendered Images

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